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Jackie, co-founder of PNW Concierge, is a real force of nature. With years of experience in concierge services and an extensive global travel history, Jackie founded Lummi Island Concierge and co-founded PNW Concierge to help homeowners care for their properties and guests have a relaxing vacation. She has an eye for details and uses her organizational and creative skills to make sure you’re taken care of from start to finish. Plus, she understands what it’s like to be a guest – which means she’s always ready with insights into the local culture so you can make the most of your stay! Jackie provides professional, trustworthy service so you can worry less and enjoy more.


Bryan, co-founder of PNW Concierge, is no stranger to diverse projects and experiences. With a wealth of knowledge in carpentry, agriculture, glass blowing, craftsmanship and home remodeling, his insight into your home provides an unparalleled level of detail and problem solving.

With roots all around the US, Bryan brings a wealth of experience to the PNW Concierge team. Realistic and driven, he has what it takes to ensure your concerns are addressed quickly and properly.


Madeline, our Hospitality Manager, has a rich background in exploring, with travels spanning the Caribbean, Mexico, across the US, and Canada. This exploration has equipped her with a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and an understanding of the nuances of hospitality.

Her passion doesn’t stop at travel; Madeline is constantly on the hunt for the newest gadgets and methods to elevate our standards of cleanliness and organization. This dedication ensures that our accommodations are not just places to stay, but sanctuaries where every detail is curated for comfort and order.

Madeline’s meticulous nature and genuine enthusiasm for enhancing guest experiences have been key to our success in the vacation rental field. With Madeline managing your stay, you can expect nothing less than a flawless retreat. Madeline makes sure that the only thing our guests need to worry about is making the most of their vacation.


Katie has lived in Washington, SoCal, upstate New York, and London so she knows a thing or two about what travelers may need or may be curious about when visiting. Having lived in various spots around the area, she is able to bring an insider’s view to guests of Whatcom County.

Whether looking for local history, outdoor attractions like camping and snowboarding, or quirky stops along the way, Katie can provide invaluable advice on all the county has to offer. Her appreciation of the outdoors extends well beyond sightseeing as she also will have plenty of tips on van life for those adventurous enough to explore this way.


Madison is a valued member of our housekeeping team at PNW Concierge. Madison has been a familiar face around here, stepping in to help whenever needed over the years. Recently we were thrilled to welcome her back, where her dedication and hard work continue to shine. Madison takes pride in ensuring our guests are greeted with welcoming and immaculately clean spaces, contributing significantly to the positive experiences that define a stay with us.
In addition to her commitment to PNW Concierge, Madison is pursuing her interest in anthropology at community college. Balancing her studies with her role on our team, she brings a unique perspective and a keen eye for detail to her work, enhancing the environment she curates for our guests.
Madison’s passion for creating comfortable, inviting spaces and her academic pursuits in anthropology blend beautifully, reflecting in the meticulous care she extends to every aspect of her job.

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